Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Christmas in Germany (Part 1 of ?)

     Yesssss, another November blog! By about 26 minutes...phew! This is mostly a photo blog, I'll warn now: there's really no way to accurately describe the wonder of Christmas markets with words, so pictures will have to do the trick. These are of the famous Christkindlmarkt in Marienplatz. Happy December :)

      Christmas markets (Weihnachtsmärkte) are basically just one big Christmas ornament + food sale. But it's magical. There are glühwein stands about every three feets and Christmas-y goodies everywhere. The glühwein is even served in real mugs (for which you pay a mere 3 euro deposit...making it way too tempting to take home with you. Okay. I took my mug home. It's cute!) I'm really hoping we get some snow soon so I can really get into the Christmas spirit.

      And just to really set the scene for you, following photo expedition was carried out with me wearing such wintry accoutrements as scarf, hat, elbow-length gloves, undershirt, leg warmers, boots, coat, und so weiter. It was super awesome. I'm enjoying "winter" thus far!

      And apologies for the blurriness of the pictures. My camera stinks.


My delicious apple-cinnamon crepe. NOM.

Even something as boring as a list of drinks looks cool in Germany.

Display in the Galleria Kaufhof (department store) window. In America this would be kitschy but here it's just cool.

Hahaha, funny story. This guy was playing his didgeridoo outside the Christmas market. Weird, right? So I stopped, a courteous 30 feet or so away, to take a photo. The guy saw me, jumped up, hid behind this pillar, and flipped me off. Umm, friend, if you're going to be a street musician, people may occasionally try to take your photo. Just a thought.

Organic wurst FTW.

Bye Christmas market!

Ice skating rink at Karlsplatz

Even the U-Bahn is decorated!

Festive trashcan

City version of a Christmas tree farm

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  1. Wow!! I thought the U.S. went overboard for Christmas, but now I've seen it all! Very pretty! Don't drink TOO much gluhwein! And watch out for didgeridoo players!